HR Professionals

Choosing the Right Recognition Partner

According to Gallup, only 16% of employees are truly engaged at work. Human Resource professionals are usually the ones asked to move that metric higher, and it can be daunting to institute a companywide recognition process. Choosing the right recognition partner is critical.
We assist our customers every step of the way by understanding your needs, determining the appropriate solution(s), and providing the tools you need to succeed. Our simple implementation process gives you the right support and training prelaunch, and our dedicated account teams help to manage, track, and analyze your program post launch. We handle the bulk of the administrative responsibility and challenges, so you have more time be a champion of the program.

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Inspire Your Teams to Go Above and Beyond

According to Aon Hewitt, employee engagement increases 20% when managers recognize their employees weekly instead of monthly, and increases by another 35% when recognitions occurs daily.

An employee’s relationship with their direct supervisor is a top driver of employee engagement, and managers stand at the frontline of your recognition efforts. We provide them with the communications, training, recognition tools, and insights they need to be successful. Managers are already very busy, so we make the recognition process as easy as possible.

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Senior Leadership

Successful Employee Recognition Starts at the Top

Gallup found that organizations with higher-than-average levels of engagement achieve 50% higher productivity and customer satisfaction rates, as well as 44% higher profits on average.

The ROI of high employee engagement is undeniable, but a recognition program needs strong top-down leadership and follow-through to reach its full potential. Our insights, recognition tools, and tailored solutions involve everyone in the company from the top-down, and help you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

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