Elaine Sciarretta

Elaine square-revElaine Sciarretta is an accomplished marketing professional with broad experience in customer engagement, product/partner management, and rewards programs. As our Vice President of Customer Experience, she is responsible for the overall management, direction, and development of our customer-facing operations, including project management and customer service.

Elaine came to HALO Recognition with over 20 years’ experience from leading organizations such as Citi and MasterCard, where her keen problem-solving skills and leadership acumen greatly impacted customer loyalty and long-term profitability. At Citi she was honored many times with company accolades for excellence, quality, and leadership, and has advised on customer retention strategies for several global Fortune 100 corporations.

A member of the American Marketing Association, Elaine holds an M.B.A. in Marketing from University of Bridgeport, CT, and is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing from the Sacred Heart University – John F. Welch College of Business.