Michael C. Fina Recognition-Rewarding Customer Experiences

In the employee recognition business, it's all about the customer experience. And now - it''s multi-channel, global and digital.

For over 80 years, New Yorkers have known Michael C. Fina as a purveyor of luxury retail goods. However, few realize that it has grown far beyond its humble beginnings over the years, and now provides comprehensive corporate recognition and incentive programs to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


Decades ago, the company noticed growing demand from corporate customers for gifts to employees as sales rewards, at retirement or on holidays. The Michael C. Fina Recognition Company was created to manage recognition and reward programs for corporate customers – and today that is in excess of a $100 million-a-year business. Keeping up with the times has been a hallmark in Michael C. Fina’s growth and longevity.


“We come to work everyday thinking that we are an 85-year-old start up,” says Jeffrey Fina, Chief Customer Officer of Michael C. Fina Recognition Co. “We always come to the table with innovation, new products, new solutions, new ways of doing things, and an ‘it’s always time to make things better’ attitude.”