Engage employees daily and build a positive work culture enterprise-wide with our all-in-one Total Vision Recognition achievement platform.

Unify Recognition

Use Total Vision Recognition to design scalable programs that are aligned with overall corporate goals, and engage employees at multiple touch-points while providing a healthy balance of motivators. The unified platform gives your organization the power to administer all manner of employee recognition, incentives, and corporate initiatives from one location; driving engagement, growth, and profitability.

Increase Performance

When employees experience daily recognition connected to meaningful rewards it creates a positive feedback loop that keeps them engaged with the organization and boosts overall performance, resulting in higher customer loyalty and satisfaction, increased retention of quality employees, and lower voluntary turnover.

Reward Everyone

Employees earn points, and they can choose to instantly redeem or save them, giving them full control over their rewards experience. Points can be redeemed for millions of items including gift cards, merchandise, experiential packages, and event tickets, ensuring something for everyone at every point value.

Be Social

Familiar social networking features within the platform including the ability to personalize profiles, follow peers, post comments, and like posts keep everyone connected.

Lead the Way

Various contests and games can be created for leaderboards, helping to motivate your workforce toward specific achievements.

Celebrate Your People

Easily celebrate employee birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal milestones. Preloaded Recognition Cards ensure remote or non-email employees can join celebration.

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Celebrate all the important milestones in your employees’ careers with Lifestyles Recognition, a powerful suite of tools tailored to your company.

Service Anniversary

People love to celebrate milestones − they tell us who we are by marking our progress and showing the journey it took to get there. So it’s no mystery why the service anniversary has become a cornerstone of organizations committed to recognizing their employees. A high-performing service anniversary program can increase employee loyalty, drive employee engagement, and create a culture of positive feedback that improves your overall performance.

Recognition for Everyone

Handpicked gift catalogs featuring popular brands and fast shipping contain thousands of items to excite any generation of worker. In addition, our email-based manager reminder system, multiple gift delivery options, and consistent gift budgets make recognizing remote workers simple.

The Magic Box

Our Magic Box is the perfect presentation piece to use when celebrating a service anniversary, safety milestone, retirement, or accomplishing a sales goal. Inside the box is a branded certificate, personal message from the CEO/President, and the option of a small keepsake gift. Sleek, economical, and available in several styles, each component of the Magic Box is customizable to your organization.

Administer with Ease

Helpful tools for managers and program owners to help make every celebration memorable with dedicated account management teams to measure and track your progress.

Customer Experience

100% employee satisfaction guaranteed, extended warranties on gifts, flexible return policy, and personalized in-house customer service.

A Global Partner

Provides a consistent and culturally appropriate recognition experience for international employees, while avoiding extraneous duty fees and shipping delays.

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Take your employee recognition efforts to the next level with Recognition Hub, our lightweight recognition platform for companies of all sizes.

Consolidate & Expand

Establish new initiatives, leverage peer-to-peer nominations, and celebrate employee milestones with our fully adaptable recognition solution.

Great Rewards

Desirable selections of virtual gift cards, electronics, and lifestyle gifts with the ability to customize gift categories for specific initiatives.

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