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Recapture Lost Value

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, retailers face the highest voluntary turnover rates of any industry[1]. Replacing one retail employee costs around $3,000 – with an average of 135,000 retail employees quitting their jobs per month in the U.S., that’s $405 million in lost value that can be mitigated by a strong recognition program on the ground floor.


Lower Turnover

Retailers need an engagement strategy that emphasizes reducing turnover and recognizes achievements with strong top-down support, and with rewards and motivators that appeal to the younger employees who make up most of the retail workforce. Our branded, secure, and scalable programs seamlessly support your efforts to increase job satisfaction with enough flexibility to be leveraged for seasonal hiring and sales goals, keeping you in the black year round.

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Reach the Next Goal

Financial institutions make up some of the largest organizations in the world. Nowhere else is there more pressure to meet sales figures, please customers, and retain top performers, yet many do it across several business units, each with their own unique people and culture. They need a recognition partner with technology as responsive as the market, and an ear on the latest human capital trends. With Michael C. Fina Recognition you get the whole package.

Invest in Your People

Effective recognition and employee engagement has been shown to provide boosts in company productivity, profitability, and earnings per share, but to be effective you need effective tools. From sales contests to birthdays to peer-to-peer nominations and more, our total recognition solution can be deployed companywide from a central headquarters, with online data encryption exceeding industry.

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Top 5 Employee Recognition Initiatives



The Best Prescription

With enormous pressure on hospital managers to meet threadbare budgets while refocusing operations on increasing quality of care, many healthcare organizations are using reward and recognition programs to drive employee engagement, reduce voluntary nursing staff turnover, and place greater emphasis on performance metrics linked to the Affordable Care Act.

Low Administration

Recognizing your healthcare staff shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. Our flexible all-in-one Total Vision Recognition achievement platform and Lifestyles Recognition milestone celebrations give healthcare organizations the tools and means to easily run multiple simultaneous initiatives targeting specific departments, metrics, or teams; allowing you to maximize FTE, motivate staff to reach goals, and increase quality of care without breaking a sweat.

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Meeting Human Capital Challenges in Healthcare with Recognition


Safety & Excellence

Manufacturing and distribution employees keep the world moving, but motivating a factory floor from the head office is always a challenge, especially when teams are located outside of the U.S. In an industry where employee safety and operational excellence are paramount, you need a dynamic recognition solution that shows the proper due for everyone’s daily achievements without distracting from the important things.

Keep Everyone Moving Forward

Short-term motivators such as reward cards, safety initiatives, and goal-setting are a snap with our intuitive recognition tools, and can be easily administered from a central location with unique traceable redemption data for worry-free use. In the long-term our milestone awards, training, and industry insights can help managers and team leaders build and sustain a positive culture of recognition, ensuring you’re always running at 100 percent.

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