Buyer’s Guide to Employee Recognition

Modern organizations need a recognition provider who is equal parts supplier, consultant, and strategic partner to provide a complete employee experience. This eBook examines 9 critical questions everyone should ask when in the market for a recognition partner, and the why behind them.
EBOOKS December 13, 2018

Quick Guide to Consolidating Employee Recognition

Consolidating recognition programs onto a single platform creates great big levers an organization can use to influence employee engagement and satisfaction.
EBOOKS June 6, 2018

G2 Crowd Enterprise Employee Recognition Report Winter 2019

Papers January 4, 2019

Recognition Planner 2019

Each year there are numerous events, holidays, and industry observances that provide excellent opportunities to recognize your employees in a meaningful and engaging way. Use our Recognition Planner to stay on top of all your workplace celebrations.
Papers September 13, 2018

The Basics of Modern Service Awards

This eBook covers all aspects of a best-in-class Service Anniversary program.
EBOOKS February 10, 2015

Seven Alternatives To ‘Thank You’ That Will Improve Your Communication Skills

A member of the Forbes Communications Council, HALO Recognition penned this article for them on improving your gratitude vocabulary.
Papers April 24, 2018

Workspan: Measuring The Value of Employee Recognition

With enterprise-level reward and recognition programs becoming commonplace, HR leaders can no longer afford to ignore the breadth of data and ROI analysis potential modern recognition platforms provide.
Papers October 1, 2017

HALO Recognition Achievement Solutions

Learn about how HALO Recognition’s achievement solutions can give you the power to celebrate your people in a real and personal way.
Videos January 24, 2018

Upcoming Events

List of upcoming events, conferences and workshops HALO Recognition representatives will be attending
Events June 4, 2015

Quick Tips For Innovative Incentives

Incentive Magazine Q&A with HALO Recognition with suggestions and quick tips for innovative incentives and how to market them.
Papers April 24, 2018

Skilled Up: 4 Practical Tips for Engaging Remote Employees

In one sense, all employees — whether they work onsite or offsite — are the same. All must be immersed in the corporate culture of the organization and feel leadership values their contributions. Those basic tenets of employee engagement apply to both virtual and in-office employees.
Press February 23, 2015

Talent Management: The Finer Details on Wellness

With wellness programs, communication and individual manager engagement go a long in ensuring recognition and encouragement pay off.
Press September 7, 2014

Becker’s Hospital Review: Employee recognition critical to boosting employee engagement within healthcare organizations

Healthcare, Papers, Press June 6, 2016

Parker Hannifin – Case Study

Global Recognition Made Easy
Case Studies June 5, 2015

WorldatWork: Millennials Value Work-Life, Purpose More than Salary

Millennials now outnumber all other generations in the workforce, and they value work-life integration, personal relationships and a greater purpose more than higher salaries or corporate ladders.
Press January 21, 2016

Workspan: First-Year Impressions are Everything

First introductions can be awkward, but for organizations the payoff for offering employees a memorable first-year experience can translate into a more engaged workforce and a lower turnover rate.
Papers August 17, 2017

ERE Media: It’s Official – Millennials Are Now the Largest Part of the U.S. Workforce

Currently 1 in 3 American workers are Millennial-aged, and as the Boomer Exodus continues, they will inexorably become the most dominant segment of workers.
Press August 20, 2015

Ragan: How to Express Gratitude and Motivate Your Employees

Sometimes gratitude is the only thing keeping your employees engaged with their work. People have an intrinsic need to be recognized, and when that need goes unfulfilled it can make us feel as though we don't exist. When that happens, engagement and motivation are off the table.
Press September 15, 2015

10 Awesome Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Friday March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day, the one day of the year you really shouldn’t forget to appreciate your employees.
Videos February 27, 2018

First-Year Impressions are Everything

How you treat your new hires within their first year matters now more than ever for retention and engagement.
EBOOKS January 24, 2017

HR: Inculcate Innovation

With environment conducive to individual creativity/innovation. In successful organizations where employees are highly engaged and productive, producing the best work is no longer about putting in the most hours—what’s most important is getting employees’ best hours.
Press August 7, 2014

PR Web: Six Employee Engagement Fundamentals for Building a Culture of Excellence

Press November 11, 2015

Employee Onboarding Kits

Organizations with a strong onboarding process can improve new hire retention by 82%, productivity by 70%, and make employees 58% more likely to stay beyond three years. Making a good first impression is more important than ever.
Videos June 13, 2017

HR: Base Pay or Recognition?

What’s more important: Base pay or being appreciated for your work?
Press July 20, 2015

Workspan: Modern Service Awards

Celebrating milestones is still a cornerstone for employee recognition
Press November 2, 2015

Workspan: Rewarding the Gig Worker Through Recognition

Treating your gig workers like valued team members will pay large dividends if you take the time to recognize their efforts.
Papers October 3, 2018

Eye On Recognition

Employee recognition investments are the strongest they have been in a decade, and the technology available has made it much easier for organizations to get the most out of each dollar spent.
Papers July 27, 2016

Entrepreneur: For Employers, Three Weeks’ Notice is Key

Retention and engagement have a strange relationship: Engagement with the work someone does may increase his or her retention as an employee. But, at the same time, retention can be quite apathetic to engagement. The reason is the many external factors that may prompt an employee’s separation from an employer.
Press September 16, 2015

Six Quick Tips To Make Your Remote Employees Feel More Included

By making a consistent effort to intentionally include all of your employees and ensure they feel included, you can create a collaborative environment that ultimately benefits all members of your team.
Papers August 7, 2018

Becker’s Hospital Review: Spotting an unengaged employee

Employee engagement is critical to an organization's growth and survival. Hospitals and health systems realize that a disengaged workforce can negatively impact an organization's productivity, efficiency and quality of care.
Healthcare, Press February 29, 2016

What repealing the Affordable Care Act means for patient satisfaction

No matter the legislature changes, continue to reward and recognize employees for making patients happy and well, and continue to strive for performance goals as if nothing will change. No reason to give up some of the positive impacts of ACA just because Uncle Sam isn't watching anymore.
Papers, Press February 2, 2017

Entrepreneur: How to Recognize Your Employees, 5 Days a Week

Press October 27, 2015

Workspan: As Teleworking Booms, Recognition Keeps Employees Connected

Employers who can offer telework should support it with forward-thinking recognition and engagement schemes that eschew hierarchy and reach the widest possible audience.
Papers October 24, 2017

Society for HR Management: Pope Francis – Don’t Glorify Your Boss, Rest More, Pay Women Equitably

Press September 17, 2015

Workspan: The Recipe for Recognition Success

Thoughtful and meaningful recognition can make a difference in retention. - Workspan March 2015
Papers March 1, 2015

Meeting Human Capital Challenges in Healthcare with Recognition

This eBook reviews different ways to help improve hospital culture, performance, and retention through recognition, including some industry best practices you can put to use today.
EBOOKS, Healthcare April 18, 2016

Premium Incentive Products: 3 Tips for Revamping a Service Award Program

The right mix of outreach awareness, relevant awards and memorable experiences is all you need to positively affect engagement.
Press September 29, 2015

Making the Most of an Employee’s First Year – Incentive Magazine

The first year of employment is crucial in establishing a positive rapport with new hires. When a company invests in the happiness and well-being of new employees, a successful first year can increase the chances of their staying with the organization beyond the average job tenure.
Press March 27, 2017

The Importance Of The Employee Feedback Loop

When an employee holds back information out of fear of losing their job, their reputation or a beneficial relationship, that tension doesn’t go away on its own.
Papers August 7, 2018

Why culture matters—and how to help yours thrive

With unemployment at a 43-year low, it's a seller's market for talent. Money goes just so far, especially among younger superstars. Here's how to be a magnet for top performers.
Papers, Press February 2, 2017

Beckers Hospital Review: Top 5 Ways to Recognize Nurses

Nurses play a large, important role in patient care in hospitals, and keeping nurses engaged in an organization can boost not only nurse satisfaction, but patient satisfaction as well. One way to keep nurses engaged is through recognition programs.
Healthcare, Press May 8, 2014

Newsday: Gauging Employee Satisfaction

Press September 19, 2015

Workspan: Developing Managers – A Key to Employee Happiness

Take care of your managers by providing them with the training and tools they need to engage effectively with their teams.
Papers May 4, 2016

Your Company’s Future Leaders May Be Right Under Your Nose—And You Don’t Realize It (SHRM 2018)

Press December 5, 2018

Business News Daily: 10 Things You Should Never Write in a ‘Thank You’ Note

Thank-you notes, while not mandatory, are a great idea if you want to get ahead professionally. Whether you've just had a job interview or you're looking to impress your clients, sometimes all it takes is a short, hand-written note to set you apart.
Press March 2, 2015

Take Recognition To The Next Level

Videos June 14, 2017

6 Quick Facts About Millennials in the Workplace

The infographic offers organizations insightful details about Millennials’ professional goals and interests.
Infographics January 11, 2016

The Power of Partnership – Ferguson Enterprises Case Study

Ferguson Enterprises needed a corporate reward program that would reach and motivate their 22,000+ strong workforce. With the help of Michael C. Fina Recognition they created Ferguson PERKS, starting a long-term partnership that has delivered results in the form of higher retention, engagement, and safety accountability.
Case Studies November 14, 2016

Northwell Health and Michael C. Fina Recognition Team Up for Successful Rebranding

Presentation at Recognition Professional International Conference Highlights Role of Recognition in Northwell Health’s Rebrand
Healthcare, Press May 3, 2017

Supporting working parents during back-to-school season and beyond

Working with your employees to ensure they have what they need to be successful -- including peace of mind when it comes to some of the day-to-day parenting stresses -- can go a long way.
Papers September 7, 2016

Smart Blog: 7 Employee Behaviors That Always Deserve Recognition

Press October 26, 2015

New tool enables frequent, informal, recognition

Recognition Notes, modernizes the 'note on door' culture of the past.
Press June 23, 2016

Healthcare Snapshot

Driving Healthcare Employee Engagement Through Points-Based Initiatives
Healthcare May 29, 2015

Entrepreneur: 4 Tips to Make Sure Team Members Working from Home Aren’t Overlooked

You might have an open door policy at work, but what does that mean for employees who never set foot in the office? Over the last decade, telecommuting has grown from a fringe benefit to an essential business tool.
Press December 17, 2014

New York Hospital of Queens

The accompanying case study outlines these solutions, which quickly resulted in greater technological efficiency, a larger selections of rewards from which employees could select, and a fun interactive way for employees to redeem their points.
Case Studies, Healthcare May 29, 2015

5 Myths of Employee Engagement (Infographic)

There is a lot of misinformation out there about how to effectively engage your employees. This infographic dispels the five most persistent myths surrounding employee engagement to help you get the most out of your workforce.
Infographics November 17, 2013

Employee Appreciation Day – 10 Quick Tips for Managers

According to Gallup, the number 1 reason workers quit their jobs is due to a bad boss or immediate supervisor. Building positive relationships with employees is a critical management skill, and these 10 Tips for Managers can help hone these skills on Employee Appreciation Day and beyond.
Infographics March 3, 2015

Ragan: Better Late than Never

Recognizing your people's outstanding efforts or flashes of brilliance can fall by the wayside during crunch time. Whatever the reason for the lag, note that success for staff engagement.
Press June 9, 2015

Appreciating a Multigenerational Workforce

In order to help you quickly identify generational differences as well as motivators and themes for recognizing employees of every generation appropriately, we created the “Appreciating A Multigenerational Workforce” infographic. Share this piece with managers and leaders to help them recognize and engage every employee.
Infographics March 1, 2012

It’s Never Too Early to Engage

Recognizing workers early on in their careers is critical for employee engagement and retention. A recent study indicates that 67% of HR professionals believe in recognizing employees during their first year. The impact of early recognition can be far-reaching when used as part of a long-term recognition strategy.
EBOOKS July 17, 2015

PVH Workplace Performance Priority

Case Studies January 21, 2011

ERE Media: Straight from the Employee’s Mouth: 3 Keys to Being an Engaging Manager

Managers are the No. 1 influence on employee engagement in the workplace, while being one of the most under-trained positions in the business world.
Press September 18, 2014

ERE Media: Why Can’t We Get past Our Great Vacation Evasion?

As we all get back into the swing of work after the long Labor Day weekend, it’s worth noting that Americans aren’t the biggest fans of taking vacations.
Press July 8, 2015

ERE Media: The Ethics of Over-The-Top, On-The-Job CEO Rhetoric

CEOs are a fountain from which the culture and identity of an organization flows from the top down. However, they can sometimes get a little “fired up” when it comes to speaking about their competition in front of their employees.
Press August 5, 2014

HR: Rewarding Managers for Engagement

4 Keys to Manager Recognition Success, Ways to Improve Manager Engagement
Press July 8, 2014

HR: Early Recognition Makes an Impact

HR Professionals are realizing that with the national job average job tenure sitting at just under 5 years, recognizing employees early on is important for building a strong, long-lasting connection and personal relationship that will have a positive impact on the individual and help the company boost retention and engagement.
Press May 8, 2014

Building an Engaged Hospital Staff

Increase employee engagement and link it to the behaviors that drive patient satisfaction scores
Healthcare, Papers June 4, 2015

Checking the Pulse of Recognition in Healthcare

Human Resources Roundtable discussion on current challenges and strategies
Healthcare, Papers June 4, 2015

Top 5 Employee Recognition Initiatives

The top 5 employee recognition initiatives for driving increased employee engagement.
Infographics June 4, 2015

Evolving Trends in the Global Workforce

How to prepare your global workforce for the future.
Papers June 5, 2015

Recognition Programs: The Best Prescription for Healthcare Organizations

The Best Prescription for Healthcare Organizations
Healthcare, Papers June 5, 2015

Yankee Candle – Case Study

Collaboration & Partnership
Case Studies June 5, 2015

North Shore-LIJ – Staten Island University Hospital

Increased productivity with their achievement-based recognition program.
Case Studies February 24, 2014

North Mississippi Health Services

Award-Winning Organization Enhances Recognition Program With Consolidated Platform
Case Studies, Healthcare June 5, 2015

Top 5 Recognition Initiatives for Nurses

Nurses comprise one of the largest segments of the U.S. workforce, with over 3 million nationwide. We recognize these tireless men and women for Nurses’ Week with an infographic that highlights the top 5 nursing-specific recognition initiatives.
Infographics July 21, 2015

PR Web: Michael C. Fina Adds New Features to Its Recognition Wall

Increasing Adoption of the Social Recognition Tool Helps Companies Realize a More Collaborative and Connected Workplace
Press May 20, 2015

PR Web: New Survey Shows Wellness and Early Recognition Are Top Employee Engagement Priorities

Press July 22, 2015

Smart Blogs: Fixing Income Inequality in the Workplace

Income inequality is a divisive issue in our political climate, bolstered in no small part by lingering tensions from the 2008 financial crisis, a recent push for a higher federal minimum wage, and a 2010 Princeton University study that identified $75,000 as an ideal salary for achieving happiness.
Press May 5, 2015

Society for HR Management: Workers More Satisfied Now than in past Five Years

More U.S. workers feel good about their jobs today than at any other time since the recession kicked into high gear, according to the latest Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
Papers, Press April 27, 2015

Business 2 Community: The Open Office Backlash

According to the International Management Facility Association, nearly 70 percent of corporate offices now have so-called “open-plan” offices, or work environments with no walls or cubicles. However, new research suggests that open-plan offices may be having the reverse effect.
Press April 7, 2015

Premium Incentive Products: 3 Tips for Revamping a Service Award Program

We celebrate milestones in our personal lives to remember how far we've come and the effort it took to get there. Recognizing a birthday or anniversary is one of the most natural ways to show thanks, and that's why celebrating work milestones with service awards is a cornerstone of employee recognition programs.
Press July 30, 2015

Smart Blogs: The High-Potential Ultimatum

These days you can’t go a week without hearing about the virtues of flexible schedules. They greatly reduce absenteeism and environmental impact, and spur faster company growth.
Press March 20, 2015

Society for HR Management: Overwhelmed at Work

Today’s workers have more technological conveniences than ever to help them do their jobs. Employers are increasingly offering work/life balance in the form of flexible schedules and telecommuting. So it would seem counter-intuitive that large numbers of people feel stressed and overwhelmed at work.
Press March 20, 2015

ERE Media: Employees Come to Work Sick

How much sense does this make: Retail and restaurant workers, who come into more direct contact with the average customer than any other job, are the least likely to have paid sick leave as a benefit.
Press March 13, 2015

Entrepreneur: Base Pay vs. Recognition

What’s more important: base pay or being appreciated for your work? A recent survey released by Boston Consulting Group polled more than 200,000 employees around the world to create a definitive list of the top 10 factors for on-the-job happiness.
Press March 12, 2015

Leveling up by Years of Service

As employees gain new skills and experience from their first day through retirement, employee engagement “levels up” and provides added “bonuses” at every milestone. (infographic)
Infographics April 8, 2015

ERE Media: Are Higher Wages the Guiding Strategy for Companies This Year?

President Obama threw down the gauntlet in January’s State of the Union address, challenging Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $9/hour, citing a rebounding economy and stagnating inequality.
Press March 10, 2015

News OK: Mind Your Own Business/Attention Bosses: Thank Your Employees Friday!

In advance of Friday’s Employee Appreciation Day, Michael C. Fina, a New York-based provider employee recognition and incentive programs is offering these quick tips on how to mark the special day:
Press March 5, 2015

A Guide to Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day occurs once every year in March, but recognizing employee achievements with special events and celebrations should be a year-round mission. Our eBook, A Guide to Employee Appreciation, gives managers and team leaders tips on comfortably planning a celebration, as well as specific event ideas.
EBOOKS March 3, 2013

Business News Daily: Improving Employee Performance Is All about Communication

"People always appreciate straightforwardness and genuine interactions over management gimmicks. Setting a tone of sincerity and giving the employee a judgment-free space to articulate their challenges is the best way to elicit an honest dialogue."
Press March 5, 2015

Engaging Today’s Workforce

With employee turnover on the rise, employee engagement has become a hot topic for HR leaders. Learn the difference between engaged and disengaged employees and how to increase engagement throughout your workforce with our “Engaging Today’s Workforce” infographic.
Infographics June 27, 2013

ERE Media: How One Winning Actress Fueled the Oscars’ Equal Pay Moment

In case you haven’t been on the Internet in the last 36 hours, Patricia Arquette is being celebrated for more than just her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in Boyhood.
Press February 24, 2015

Business 2 Community: Make Your Employees’ Life Easier with Thoughtful Gestures

With much of the Northeast facing rough winter weather, I started thinking about the small things we do around our office to make our employees’ quality of life better during times like these. You could call them perks, but they should really be considered standard offerings given how specific they are to our culture.
Press February 21, 2015

Business 2 Community: Rethinking the Work Week

If you’re a full-time worker in America, chances are you’re not getting enough sleep. That’s according to the American Time Use Survey, which examined 125,000 responses to calculate how much sleep we’re getting, and what we’re doing instead of it. The simple conclusion the survey came to is we’re working too much.
Press February 8, 2015

Employee Benefit News: 4 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Service Awards Program

Employee service awards have become a staple recognition offering. With almost 90% of organizations presenting rewards to employees on their work anniversaries, these rewards are often a cornerstone of any employee recognition program.
Press January 28, 2015

ERE Media: Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl-Winning Philosophy: Just Do Your Job

Since he started his dynastic run with the Patriots in 2000, Belichick has kept his squad on the winning side of things by adhering to a simple team philosophy: Do Your Job. The idea behind it is that if everyone focuses and does their individual job, great things can happen for the team.
Press January 22, 2015

ERE Media: The Huge Importance of Mentors in Developing Top Talent

Those of us lucky enough to have had a strong mentor figure at some point in our lives know how important they can be to career development, personal success, and overall well-being.
Press January 14, 2015

ERE Media: Why It’s so Hard to Find Great Managers

Great managers can help companies achieve around 150 percent higher earnings per share than their competition, and double the employee engagement levels.
Press January 15, 2015

ERE Media: Costco’s Call – Why Staying Closed on Thanksgiving Is a Good Idea

Last year, Costco took a controversial stand by refusing to stay open during Thanksgiving, citing the need to dispel the trend of retailers opening earlier and earlier on the busiest shopping days of the season.
Press November 24, 2014

ERE Media: How to Get Great Engagement out of Your Seasonal Workers

Press November 24, 2014

ERE Media: Why Onboarding Has Become a Strategic Priority

We all remember that feeling you get before the first day of school — nervous, excited, and very concerned over which outfit to wear. For new students, there is also the added pressure of finding your way around, meeting your teachers, and making friends. The first day of school can be rough, but thankfully we’re all adults now and don’t have to go through that again. Or do we?
Press August 7, 2014

The Daily Recruiter: On the Frontier of Engagement

It’s good to remember that one highly engaged employee can make a world of difference. Take the case of Frontier Airlines, a Colorado-based airline that earned dubious title of 2nd Most-Complained-About-Carrier in 2013 (in fairness, Spirit Airlines, the #1 most-complained-about-carrier, outnumbered Frontier’s complaints by almost 8-to-1).
Press August 8, 2014

ERE Media: College Grads Are Engaged, but Here’s How to Engage Them Even More

We all know that a college education can almost double a person’s median income, but what can it tell us about how engaged that person will be while making that income?
Press August 7, 2014

Sales And Marketing: The Top 5 Employee Recognition Initiatives Infographic

Here’s one thing that’s good to remember: one highly engaged employee can make a world of difference.
Press July 7, 2014

Incentive: How Early Recognition Programs Keep Employees Engaged

Seven Tips For Creating a Highly Effective Early Recognition Program. Incentive Magazine July 2014
Press July 7, 2014

World At Work: Lessons in Recognition from Healthcare Organizations

The same recognition strategies can be applied to any industry. Workspan June 2014
Papers, Press June 7, 2014

Beckers Hospital Review: Linking Recognition Initiatives to Patient Care Key to Engaging Nurses

Engaging the 3 million registered nurses who comprise one of the largest and most important segments of the U.S. workforce is a top task for hospitals and essential to developing and maintaining positive, patient-friendly work environments and retaining talented staff.
Healthcare, Press June 17, 2014

Ragan: Management Lessons from ‘House of Cards’

It's a bit like 'The Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan'—if old Genghis weren't such a softie.
Press June 5, 2014

Recruiting Blogs: Employee Engagement Myths Debunked

Engagement and retention are huge topics right now in HR, and leadership in general. High turnover numbers and epidemically low employee engagement numbers are costing companies in a big way. For a while, employers were running their organization’s engagement and retention efforts based on some ideas that we now know aren’t effective.
Press May 8, 2014

EY: Family Ties

Ashley Fina is a third-generation family business leader. Her grandparents, Rose and Michael, founded her business, Michael C. Fina, in Manhattan in 1935. Originally a jewelry store, it is now also a leader in employee recognition and incentive programs, with more than 900 clients.
Press February 18, 2014

ERE Media: A Valentine’s Day Wish – Building Qualities so Workers Love Their Job

For employees or even job seekers, those same feelings we want in a love connection can also relate to the right job.
Press February 14, 2014

Kevin Kruse: Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts Online

Using Twitter and following blog posts are a great way to stay up to speed on the ever changing field of employee engagement. I encourage you to follow these experts to deepen your understanding of engagement and motivation at work. - Kevin Kruse
Press January 21, 2014

Incentive: Michael C. Fina Tackles ‘Five Myths of Employee Engagement’

Concerned that many organizations misunderstand the value of employee engagement or are putting too much focus on certain groups of employees and not enough on others, incentive company Michael C. Fina has released a new infographic outlining the "Top 5 Myths of Employee Engagement."
Press January 2, 2014

ERE Media: Yes, This Is the Week We Need to Recognize Cold Weather Workers

On a day like today when it’s colder in New York and Chicago than in Antarctica, nobody should be out in the elements, but some people must be because their job demands it. These are just five examples; there are countless others who deserve recognition for having tough weather-agnostic jobs.
Press January 18, 2014

ERE Media: The Honest-To-God Truth about Engaging Millennials

Millennials have become a force to be reckoned with in the business world, and no other workplace demographic has been subject to more analyses, surveys, and speculation in recent years.
Press January 15, 2014

ERE Media: Cash Is King? Not When It Comes to Employee Engagement

The misconception of cash as the ultimate motivational tool can create a problem with reward and recognition programs whose purpose is to increase employee engagement.
Press January 28, 2014

PR Web: Michael C. Fina’s Employee Appreciation eBook Helps Companies Honor Their Employees

Press March 3, 2014

5 Ways to Keep Engagement Up Over The Holidays

Get a list of effective tips for keeping employees happy and healthy over the busy holiday season.
Infographics November 11, 2016

Webinar: Employee Happiness Is No Joke (Video)

This webinar explores the latest thinking on company culture, why happiness doesn’t necessarily equal high performance, and how to foster an atmosphere where employees are engaged and high performing.
Videos September 8, 2016

5 Ways to Keep Engagement Up During The Holidays

Videos November 21, 2017

6 Fundamentals of Healthcare Engagement

Tailored for healthcare professionals, 6 Fundamentals of Healthcare Engagement outlines critical elements for building a strong workplace culture focused on engaging healthcare employees and showing recognition for their work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.
Papers November 9, 2015

The Value of Employee Engagement (Video)

Some quick facts on the value of employee engagement
Videos September 21, 2016

As healthcare industry grows, first-year employee retention is critical – Becker’s Hospital Review

Healthcare organizations need to consider how to engage this influx of new hires, specifically within the first year of employment.
Press March 27, 2017

15 Ideas for Celebrating Customer Service Week

EBOOKS September 20, 2018

Michael C. Fina Recognition-Rewarding Customer Experiences

In the employee recognition business, it's all about the customer experience. And now - it''s multi-channel, global and digital.
Videos January 9, 2017

Employee Loyalty Evolves

Organizations are updating their loyalty incentives to ensure they speak to the needs of today's workers
Papers August 21, 2017

Introducing Recognition Wall

Our Recognition Wall social recognition platform gives your employees an easy tool to celebrate each other’s accomplishments in a dynamic, fun, and personal way, no matter where they are located.
Videos February 22, 2018

Michael C. Fina Recognition Launches Recognition Strength Finder and More During SHRM 2017 Annual Conference

New Tools Help Evaluate Recognition Programs, Enable More Frequent Recognition Opportunities and Make Strong First Impressions
Press June 19, 2017

Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Seasonal Employees—It Pays to Plan

Papers November 29, 2018

HALO Recognition Wall Album

Introducing the Recognition Wall Album
Videos June 18, 2018

HALO Acquires Michael C. Fina Recognition

Companies Join Forces to Extend Reach of Market Leading Employee Recognition and Incentive Services and Solutions
Press February 8, 2017

Rewards and Recognition: 2014 Trends Report

The survey of more than 400 HR professionals, which was sponsored by global employee recognition provider Michael C. Fina and conducted by HR technology advisors Accelir, examined organizations’ current use of employee recognition programs. Key results show increasing interest in early recognition strategies, the continued value of service awards and indecision about social media’s role.
Papers October 13, 2013

ERE Media: Inside HR – It’s a Wild Rush of Conferences in the Fall

Press October 15, 2015

Healthcare Snapshot: Driving Employee Engagement through Points-Based Initiatives

Consider the story of two healthcare providers in Texas that merged to form a substantial central hospital serving 1.2 million people in 62 countries. The newly formed hospital’s mission was to provide quality care to the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Even though the hospital was in a position to provide better patient care, it faced a declining reputation due to rising turnover rates and diminishing employee morale. The healthcare provider reached out to Michael C. Fina to develop a recognition strategy that would drive positive employee behaviors while creating a culture of recognition.
Case Studies, Healthcare January 20, 2012

How To Motivate Millennials – Incentive Magazine: What Motivates Podcast

Videos August 14, 2018